Labyrinth – Writing Prompt Tuesday (but on Wednesday?)

Hello all!

Terribly sorry I missed yesterday’s post but I was rather busy! However today I bring you my second writing prompt post. This week’s prompt was taken from and will appear above my short story.


You wake up one morning and find that you aren’t in your bed; you aren’t even in your room. You’re in the middle of a giant maze. A sign is hanging from the ivy: “You have one hour. Don’t touch the walls.”

I screamed for help but my scream echoed in silence. The sign fluttered in the wind slightly, hitting against the ivy as it did. Suddenly, a gaping hole appeared in the ivy and the sign was sucked inside. A moment after it had disappeared, the hole closed up and the wall of ivy looked innocent once more. I could see why I shouldn’t touch the walls..

I looked to my left and right before deciding to head right, sprinting down the path. How had I ended up here? Where even was here? The sign had said I had an hour, what would happen if I ran out of time? I skidded to a halt at a fork in the path, a heavy mist was barring the right fork but the left fork was clear. I dashed along it, taking a moment to realise that I was going uphill slightly. Yes! Hopefully I would be able to see some of my surroundings! I jogged up the incline as it grew steeper and steeper until finally, it began to level out. I came to a stop and looked around. I could see my surroundings from up here, but it filled my heart with dread to see that the only thing I could see for miles around was the maze. It stretched as far as the eye could see in every direction, the wind rustling the leaves of the maze’s great walls.

I sighed and sat down for a moment, I had to think logically about this. This last thing I remembered was studying for the big test tomorrow, that means I probably fell asleep whilst studying, meaning this was all a dream! But if this was a dream, how did I get out of it? I tried pinching myself and winced at the sudden jab of pain, okay, so that didn’t work. Everyone always says to pinch yourself to check you’re awake. But this had to be a dream, how could anyone have transported me here without me realising? I stood up and set off walking once more, if I only had an hour, I had to keep moving.

Who knew how much time had passed, it could have been ten minutes or it could have been fifty. Every path I turned into was the same as the one before. I began running, turning corner after corner after corner. There was no way out, it was just a never ending maze, I was just stuck forever. The walls felt like they were closing in until…

I jumped awake, sweaty and out of breath. The examiner was stood over me, a smile on her face.

‘Congratulations! You passed the exam with flying colours!’

I stared at her as I tried to get my breath back. Oh yes, that was it. This was Dream Training 101, the subject I had been studying for last night. Blamey, you never did get used to being in a computer generated dream…


What’s above the clouds? – Writing Prompt Tuesday

Hello all, in the first of what will be a weekly post, I bring you my first short story written from you guessed it, a writing prompt.

Today’s prompt is taken from and will appear in bold at the beginning of the story.

I hope you enjoy this little quick story!

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