Hello! And a warm welcome to the About section of this website.

Emily Manning is a twenty-two year old scriptwriter, currently based in Cardiff whilst studying herĀ final year of BA Scriptwriting at the University of South Wales.

Emily began writing scripts when she was fifteen, her first finished script being an episode for an imaginary storyline of Doctor Who. Through watching the horror classics of Wes Craven and John Carpenter, Emily developed a love of horror, something which has existed to this day. Supernatural thriller and suspense slasher film scripts soon followed as she delved into writing original ideas. However whilst still at school, Emily wrote a period romance film which was inspired by a dream.

Once at sixth form college, Emily became interested in writing content for FanFiction.net, a site devoted to stories that are based on well known books, films and TV shows. Emily regularly posted new stories and soon gained a moderately large following of regular readers, with some stories gaining 20,000 total views and over 4oo total reviews.

Despite her fanfiction account no longer existing, the love of writing which Emily found has stayed with her. Even resulting in her deciding to seek out a university course which focused on scriptwriting. Which brings us to the present day.

Today, Emily enjoys writing dramas and thrillers and has a particular interest in writing for television and film. As well as developing a new interest in RomanticComedies and writing for Children’s Television. Having always had an interest in working in television production, Emily hopes to use her skills learnt on her current course whilst also gaining experience in other production areas to work as a writer/producer in Children’s Television.

If you have any questions or queries, please feel to drop an email.