Writing Update!

Why hello friends! My where has the time gone?! Very sorry I have been MIA for so long and I can only apologise but I am hopefully back for good now.

I’m hoping to get back on track with regular posts so stick around!

To kick us off, I would love to share with you scene one of my play, Girl Lost, Girl Found. Some of you may remember reading early planning for this piece but it is now on it’s second draft!

I hope you enjoy!

Scene One – Waking Up
Lights up on a bare stage. Upper stage left is a door with a hatch in the bottom half. On the far side of stage right is a radiator. Both actors will remained chained to this radiator throughout but the chains should be long enough to allow them full movement around the stage. To the back of the stage is an old sink, with a pile of clothes next to it.

The only piece of furniture in the room is an old, dirty mattress, with some old bedding on it, positioned upstage. A bare lightbulb, which will remain lit throughout the play, is suspended from the ceiling on a wire. Despite the radiator, the room is always cold.

LUCY (23) is fast asleep on the mattress, chained by a long chain, to the radiator by her ankle. She is wearing a faded old t-shirt which comes down to mid-thigh. Downstage right, lying unconscious on the floor, is JAIME (18). She is also chained by the ankle to the radiator.

LUCY slowly begins to stir and yawns. She rubs her eyes before opening them. She immediately spots JAIME and stares at her. LUCY slowly sits up, staring intently at JAIME.


LUCY begins to creep towards JAIME, stopping every so often to make sure she doesn’t wake her. LUCY stops a few feet away and stares at JAIME, surveying every inch of her.

Suddenly, JAIME groans. LUCY jumps and dashes back to the mattress. Her chain scrapes noisily on the floor as she goes. The noise causes JAIME to open her eyes. LUCY freezes as JAIME slowly sits up.

The two girls stare at each other in shock.

LUCY’S movement causes JAIME to notice her ankle shackle. JAIME lets out a sob as she sees the shackle around her own ankle.

JAIME:                       Who…who are you?

Where am I?


LUCY remains silent.

JAIME begins to cry.


JAIME:                       How did I get here? All I remember is…I was walking, I think…then.


Did someone bring me here?


JAIME begins to glare at her.

JAIME:                       ANSWER ME!

LUCY jumps at JAIME shouting.

The two girls stare at each other for a moment.


JAIME:                       This…this can’t be happening.

LUCY stares at JAIME warily.

JAIME:                       What happened?

JAIME begins pulling on the chain around her ankle.

JAIME:                       No…no….NO!

JAIME begins to hyperventilate as she coughs out a sob.

LUCY is shaking slightly as she stares at JAIME.

JAIME:                       What?

LUCY jumps before quickly looking away. She faces away from JAIME before curling up on the mattress.

JAIME pulls on the chain before slowly looking at LUCY.

JAIME:                       What is this place?

LUCY remains perfectly still and doesn’t answer. JAIME sighs in frustration.

JAIME:                       Help! Help me! Anyone please!

JAIME pulls on her shackle with all her might. LUCY remains still. JAIME screams loudly.

JAIME begins throwing the chain against the radiator, causing it to clang loudly. She screams again.

JAIME lets out a sob before putting her head into her hands. Her whole body shakes with each sob.

JAIME:                       I was walking home and…

JAIME sobs.

JAIME:                       I can’t remember!

JAIME tries to steady her breathing.

JAIME:                       I’m Jaime.

LUCY tenses slightly but remains silent. JAIME sighs before looking up at the ceiling.

Long pause.

JAIME slowly begins to stand but almost keels over as a dizzy spell hits her, she steadies herself against the wall and closes her eyes.

JAIME rubs her temples before her eyes suddenly shoot open in surprise.

JAIME:                       There was a man…he…he…

LUCY slowly sits up and stares at JAIME.

JAIME:                       We spoke…I think.

LUCY stares in shock. JAIME glances at her and is surprised by her expression. LUCY suddenly dives under the pillow and rams it over her head.

JAIME suddenly screams loudly between sobs.

JAIME:                       Help! Someone help!


JAIME:                       Help!

JAIME suddenly stands up and tries to run towards the door, as her chain becomes taunt, she pulls on it regardless.

JAIME collapses onto the floor and screams angrily.


JAIME:                       Help! PLEASE!

LUCY suddenly stands up and screams at the top of her lungs. The sound echoes into nothingness around them.

After a moment, she slowly turns to look at JAIME.

LUCY:                        The walls are soundproofed. Scream all you want but no one will ever hear you, believe me, I’ve tried.

JAIME stares at LUCY as she walks back over to the mattress and puts the pillow back over her head.

Lights down.

I would love to hear you feedback!


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