Slate Snippet Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone! This week I have been working hard on my final major project, the first idea on my October Slate. To end this week I thought I would give you a peek at some of the development work for Girl Lost, Girl Found! To refresh your memory, I have included the must recent pitch (with some slight tweaks as to how it appeared in the earlier post!) as well as the story points for the play.

I hope you enjoy and remember you are most welcome to comment your thoughts!

Girl Lost, Girl Found – Pitch

For the past five years, Lucy Davis (23) has been hidden away from the world. Her only contact with another living thing being with her captor, Kyle Scott (40). Having long given up hope of escape and accepting her new reality, Lucy has become immune to the true horror of her situation. That is until the day she wakes to find another girl in the cellar.

Jaime Thompson (18) has become Kyle’s new victim. Lucy can’t understand why he would kidnap another girl, she believed they loved each other. Jaime can’t understand why Lucy talks so adoringly about the man that brought them him, until she realises, Lucy has been alone with this man for over five years. Lucy is worried Jaime is going to replace her, what will happen to her if Kyle no longer wants her?

However despite their initial conflict, the girls soon begin to bond as they talk about their dreams for the future, as well as their failings of the past. Lucy remembers things about the outside world that she thought she had long since forgotten and for the first time in a long time, she misses her old life. The way Jaime fights to escape reawakens Lucy and helps her to see what she has become. Kyle doesn’t love her, he uses her. She used to be stronger than this, but to her growing horror, she realises she does love him. He dedicated every detail of her life and she isn’t sure she could ever break away from him

When a sudden chance appears from them to escape, Jaime is quick to take it. However it is far harder for Lucy, she knows she needs to let go of Kyle and of the cellar but she doesn’t think she can. She has become scared of the outside world and scared of how and if it will accept her. Her entire universe has been shrunk down to this one little room and it can’t be stretched back out again. She can’t do it, and Jaime has to leave without her, leaving Lucy alone in the cellar once more.

Girl Lost, Girl Found – Story Points

  1. Lucy wakes to a new day in the cellar, chained as always to the radiator, this is the life she has become used to.
  2. However Lucy is stunned when she notices there is another girl in the room. This girl is also tied to the radiator.
  3. Lucy watches in silence as Jaime stirs slightly and slowly comes to.
  4. Jaime groans and opens her eyes. However as she begins to look around the room, her expression turns to one of horror.
  5. Jaime’s eyes land on Lucy and the two stare at each other.
  6. Lucy watches as Jaime begins to scream for help, finally saying no one can hear them.
  7. The hatch in the door opens and some pieces of toast are thrown into the room. Lucy goes to retrieve them and moves to hand one to Jaime, when she recoils back, Lucy keeps all the toast for herself.
  8. Jaime questions why they are here, Lucy explains about Kyle, clearly jealous of Jaime.
  9. Lucy asks Jaime why Kyle chose her, Jaime doesn’t understand the question and is unnerved.
  10. Lucy reveals she doesn’t want to share Kyle, blames Jaime for having been kidnapped.
  11. Jaime thinks Lucy is crazy, clearly seeing she is infatuated by their captor.
  12. Lucy stands below the light bulb and stares at it before lifting up her hand to touch it. Recoiling in pain as it burns her. Jaime watches the strange act.
  13. The two sit as far away as possible from each other, Jaime is pulling on her metal chain. Lucy is lying on the mattress, humming to herself.
  14. Jaime shouts at Lucy to stop humming, Lucy only hums loudly. Suddenly Jaime screams at her to stop and Lucy finally does.
  15. Jaime complains about being hungry and thirsty, Lucy mocks her for not taking the toast she offered.
  16. Lucy is cautious of Jaime, wondering what Kyle saw in her, not realising that Jaime is very much like she was before she was kidnapped.
  17. Lucy questions what year it is, Jaime is surprised by the question. Until Lucy reveals she was kidnapped in 2011.
  18. Jaime begins to realise why Lucy acts the way she does and has sympathy for the strange questions she asks.
  19. Lucy is daydreaming as she twirls around the room, finally coming to a stop beneath the lightbulb. She looks up at it for a moment before reaching up to touch it, recoiling in pain as it burns her.
  20. Jaime asks why she keeps touching the bulb. Lucy cannot provide an answer at first but then confesses to not knowing what is real or imaginary anymore. The pain the burning lightbulb gives her is one of the only things she can know for sure is actually real.
  21. Jaime asks what Lucy spends her time doing in the cellar.
  22. Lucy explains her games of make-believe and how she lives in a whole other world inside her head.
  23. The two girls begin to describe scenes and locations to each other before making soundscapes.
  24. They end up laughing at the various, unusual sounds they are both making.
  25. The two sit in silence for a moment, Jaime asks if they are stuck here forever, Lucy thinks they are but she doesn’t mind.
  26. Jaime holds back from saying anything as Lucy stands up and moves away.
  27. Lucy asks about Jaime’s life and the two begin to talk about their lives before the cellar, Lucy having not spoken about hers for a long time.
  28. Lucy mentions what she had dreamt of doing in the future, Jaime says she could still do it but Lucy says she can’t.
  29. Lucy thinks Kyle isn’t that bad of a guy, he looks after them just fine.
  30. Lucy tells Jaime about Kelly, the girl who was well behaved so Kyle let her go. Jaime is too upset to question this right now.
  31. They look over as the hatch in the door opens and a few pieces of toast are thrown into the room, followed by two bottles of water. The hatch closes with a loud thud.
  32. Lucy gets up and goes to collect the food and brings it back. She offers Jaime her share and this time she takes it.
  33. As they eat, Jaime begins to cry, Lucy comforts her, saying she’ll get used to it. This makes Jaime cry harder.
  34. Lucy doesn’t know what to say and so stays silent.
  35. They eat the rest of their food in silence.
  36. Lucy worries Kyle doesn’t care about her anymore, that’s why he took Jaime.
  37. Jaime is horrified by this, surely Kyle doesn’t care about her at all. This confuses Lucy, of course Kyle loves her, that’s why he chose her and it’s why she can’t understand why he’s taken Jaime.
  38. Lucy will not accept the truth that she is not in a loving relationship with Kyle, she has become indoctrinated by him.
  39. Lucy becomes upset as Jaime insists Kyle does not love her at all and thinks little of her.
  40. Lucy retorts saying he does care as he let Kelly go.
  41. Jaime despairs at Lucy’s naivety and easily she has believed what is so clearly a lie. Wouldn’t Kelly have gone to the police once she had been released, meaning Kyle would have been caught?
  42. Lucy takes this hard, no, Kyle wouldn’t lie to her. She moves away from Jaime and stands on the opposite side of the room.
  43. Jaime is angry, how can Lucy have become so blind to the horror of her situation. She insists that Kyle didn’t let Kelly go, he killed her.
  44. Lucy is angry now, how dare Jaime talk to her like she was a little child, she didn’t know what she had been through, in this cellar on her own.
  45. Jaime’s anger fades, how can she be angry at someone who is so mentally scarred by her horrific situation.
  46. Jaime tries to calm the situation, it’s not Lucy’s fault she’s fallen in love with Kyle, no one will blame her.
  47. Lucy begins to cry but pushes Jaime away as she tries to comfort her.
  48. Jaime asks why Kyle keeps Lucy chained up down here if he loves her so much, why does he let everyone think she’s dead?
  49. Lucy feels so stupid, how has being kidnapped become so normalised in her mind.
  50. Jaime talks about Kyle brainwashing her, something Lucy refuses to accept, Kyle wouldn’t do that to her.
  51. Lucy collapses onto the floor in tears, she knows he’s brainwashed her, she knows he doesn’t love her but a part of her just can’t accept it. Her life for the past five years all seems like a lie.
  52. Lucy begins talking about what life was like in the cellar on her own, of the fear she felt and how she started imagining a perfect world in her head to escape the reality she was living.
  53. However this constant daydreaming came at a price, she began to find it hard to tell what was actually reality, she even began to question if she herself was real.
  54. Kyle began to tell her all kinds of things and with no way to find out if they were actually true or not, she increasingly began to believe him. Hence why she so easily believed he had let Kelly go.
  55. Lucy thinks she’s a monster for falling in love with someone so horrible.
  56. Jaime tries saying her feelings aren’t real, a lot of kidnap victims experience it, Lucy will be able to get help.
  57. This isn’t very comforting to Lucy, right now, her feelings for Kyle feel so real and she doesn’t know if she can let go of him. Kyle has taken everything from her and made her completely dependent on him.
  58. Jaime says they have to find a way out, Lucy says there isn’t one, Jaime doesn’t believe her.
  59. Jaime jumps to her feet and begins racing around the room, banging on all the walls to see if there are any weak points. Lucy sniffs and watches.
  60. Jaime tries going over to the door but realises her shackle won’t let her get that far, she screams in frustration before bashing the chain on the floor.
  61. The cluttering chain echoes into silence. Jaime collapses onto the floor.
  62. Lucy says she almost escaped from the old cellar. Old cellar? Jaime questions her on this and finds out Lucy had been taken from the Manchester area.
  63. Lucy reveals that in the old cellar, she was tied to an old pipe and somehow, she had managed to pull the chain off the pipe.
  64. Jaime rushes over to the radiator and begins pulling at her chain but no use, the radiator is solid.
  65. Jaime asks if Lucy made it out of the cellar, and she had done. However Kyle had been home, he caught her just as she was about to run out of the house. Next thing she knew she was waking up back in the cellar and Kyle didn’t feed her for a week after that.
  66. Jaime sits down on the floor and examines the shackle around her ankle. It appears to need a small key to unlock it. Or something like a hairpin…or a bed spring…
  67. Jaime jumps back to her feet and goes over to the mattress, Lucy watches on in confusion.
  68. Jaime flips the mattress and begins tearing at a rip which is being caused from an ever increasingly exposing spring.
  69. Lucy jumps up and begins complaining about her ruining the mattress but Jaime tells her to be quiet.
  70. Lucy begins pacing up and down, watching as Jaime coaxes out the spring until finally she is lifting it into the air.
  71. Jaime sits down and uncurls the spring before putting one end into the key hole on the shackle.
  72. The first few attempts don’t work but finally, Jaime wiggles it in just the right way and her shackle unlocks and falls from her ankle.
  73. Lucy looks absolutely horrified as Jaime comes towards her and begins unlocking Lucy’s shackle.
  74. Lucy jumps away on instinct, she doesn’t know if she’s ready to leave Kyle.
  75. Jaime insists she has to, he will kill her if she stays.
  76. Lucy half-heartedly agrees with this as Jaime unlocks her shackle.
  77. Jaime jumps to her feet and runs over to the door, this time easily making it.
  78. Lucy stays sat on the floor and slowly picks up her metal shackle, turning it over in her hands.
  79. Jaime squeals as she manages to get the door unlocked and pulls it open. She runs out before looking back at Lucy.
  80. Lucy is still sat on the floor. She slowly looks up at Jaime.
  81. Jaime comes back into the room and pulls Lucy to her feet. She begins leading her over to the door. They can do this and they will do this together.
  82. However as they reach the doorway, Jaime goes through but Lucy comes to an abrupt stop. She can’t go through.
  83. Lucy smiles sadly at Jaime, she knows she can’t do it. Even joking that Jaime doesn’t even know for sure if Lucy is real, she could be a figment of her imagination.
  84. Jaime won’t accept this, they have to leave!
  85. Lucy steps backwards, Jaime has to save herself.
  86. Jaime steps forwards, Lucy needs to let go.
  87. However in the end, Lucy succeeds in having Jaime leave on her own, with Jaime promising to come back for her.
  88. Jaime leaves the cellar.
  89. Lucy closes the door and slowly walks back into the centre of the room.
  90. She looks up at the lightbulb for a few moments.
  91. Lucy goes to touch the lightbulb but this time, she doesn’t touch it.
  92. Lucy sighs and lies down on the bed.
  93. A heavy footstep is heard on the stairs, which causes Lucy to sit up.
  94. The lightbulb is switched off and the room plunges into darkness.
  95. The door opens and someone comes into the room.

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