Carol and Rob – Throwback Thursday

Hello again! Today we are delving into the past and look back on a script of the past. Today we are going all the way back to 2014 and to one of the first scripts I wrote for my university course.

The following is an extract from my theatre piece Carol and RobFollowing the sudden death of their daughter Mollie in a car accident, Carol and Rob’s relationship begins to breakdown. Things finally come to a head on Mollie’s birthday, the first they are spending without her.

CAROL:         You said we always have this conversation, and we do.

We’re like a broken record.

We go round and round, saying the same things over and over.


I can’t do this anymore.

I need to get away.

ROB:              Well if you want to we can go –

CAROL:         No Rob.

Mollie’s gone and we might as well be too…

Every day I wake up with the knowledge that I didn’t get to say goodbye. And                             you…

You were the one to take that away from me

CAROL slowly stands up. She coaxes the wedding ring off her finger before placing it on the table.

ROB:              Carol, please don’t do this.


Tears fall down CAROL’s face.  She picks up her bag.

ROB:              You can’t leave me.

CAROL:         I’m sorry.


CAROL turns her back on ROB.

ROB:              Every night I lie awake and wonder why it wasn’t me.

If one of us had to die I wish more than anything that it would have been me.

I can’t remember the accident.

I can’t.

I wish I could –

Give you the answers you need but…

I can’t.

Sometimes I have dreams where we both survived.

I’ll wake up and for a second I expect her to simply be across the hall, sleeping                         in like she always did.

But then realisation hits me…

…and it’s like losing her all over again.


CAROL slowly turns around and looks at ROB.

She’s crying.

ROB:              I have this memory –

Well I’m not sure if it’s a memory or just another dream.

It’s of Mollie and we’re in the car, after the crash.

I turn to look at her and she says ‘Don’t worry Daddy, everything is going to be                        okay.’


ROB:              It almost feels like a dream but I cling to the fact it might have actually                                       happened.

I never told you before…

Because I was waiting…hoping that…


My memory would come back.

But it hasn’t.


ROB:              You’re right.

It was my fault.

I killed our daughter.

And now…

I’ve lost you as well.


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