What’s above the clouds? – Writing Prompt Tuesday

Hello all, in the first of what will be a weekly post, I bring you my first short story written from you guessed it, a writing prompt.

Today’s prompt is taken from writingforward.com and will appear in bold at the beginning of the story.

I hope you enjoy this little quick story!

Three children are sitting on a log near a stream. One of them looks up at the sky and says…

‘What’s above the clouds?’

The two older children look at their younger sibling as he stares up at the sky in wonder. After a moment, they slowly look up too. It was an overcast sort of day, the kind where it looks like someone has completely rubbed out the sky, leaving only white.

‘The sky.’ The eldest child finally answers. The youngest sighs in a frustrated manner before climbing up onto the log and standing on it.

‘I know that!’ He says exasperatedly as he continues to look up at the sky, ‘But what’s above that? Does the sky just go on forever and ever?’

The elder siblings share a knowing glance before looking back at their little brother.

‘Well what do you think is up there?’ the middle child finally asked. The youngest jumps down from the log and runs to the stream, he looks at his reflection in the water for a moment before looking back at the sky.

‘Mummy says the thing up there is called Space. Does that just mean there’s lots of room?’

The elder children burst into fits of laughter, causing the little boy to look at them. ‘What’s so funny?’ he finally asks.

‘You are!’ The eldest chortles as she wipes a tear from her eye. The little boy looks annoyed as he walks back over to his siblings. He sits back down next to them with a sigh before looking back up at the sky.

‘Have people ever gone above the sky? Into Space?’ he wonders aloud.

‘They have actually, they’re called astronauts and they go up in big spaceships.’

‘Wow!’ the little boy exclaims in amazement as he looks up. ‘So there are people up there now?’

As his siblings nod, he jumps up and shouts ‘HELLO!!!’ His shout echoing through the trees around them and causing birds to take flight in fright. His siblings laugh at him again but the little boy ignores them. ‘Do you think they heard me?’

‘I’m sure they did.’ The eldest child answers as she looks at her watch and stands up. ‘Come on, time to go.’ The little boy runs to take his sister’s hand as she begins walking, with the middle child following along behind, they begin walking away from the stream.

‘Can anyone be an astronaut?’

‘Yep, but you have to work really hard.’

The little boy nods determinedly, before looking up at the sky with a smile.

‘I’m gonna be up there someday.’


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