October Slate

As a record of how my writing is progressing, I am going to post a monthly update of my writer’s slate. Ideas may stay the same from month to month but here’s hoping progress has been made!

Girl Lost, Girl Found

Lucy has spent the past five years being held against her will in a dark cellar. She has given up any hope of ever escaping, that is until the day Jaime is pushed into the cellar. Sharing her small space with another girl forces Lucy back into reality and reignites her thirst to escape.

As the two girls share their dreams of the future as well as their failings of the past, they form a bond so strong that even the very real danger of their kidnapper cannot break. They build an entire imaginary world in the cellar and fill it with anything and everything in an effort to forget where they really are.

However when it comes to escape plans, Lucy has not been entirely true, she has been working on an escape route but now sees Jaime has to be the one to escape. Will both the girls escape to feel the sun on their faces again or will Lucy pay the ultimate sacrifice in order to save Jaime?

Medium: Theatre

Currently in story development


Kendra Davenport, a third year uni student studying English Literature at Cardiff University seems to have it all. She is on course for a 1st, has a wide circle of friends and, most importantly to Kendra, she is dating the hottest girl she knows, Danielle Harrow. Both are madly in love, that is until just before Christmas, Danielle says she doesn’t think things will work out between them and that she’s met someone else.

Reeling from the shock of being dumped so suddenly, Kendra goes on a night out and meets Harvey. One things leads to another and the next morning she wakes up in Harvey’s bed. Wanting to forget the whole thing, Kendra quickly leaves and tries her hardest to move on. However this proves difficult when a few months later she discovers she’s pregnant.

With Danielle back on the scene after finding out her boyfriend has been cheating and Harvey wanting to be involved in the baby’s life, she realises she has to chose between them. Still having feelings for Danielle and quickly realising her feelings for Harvey go deeper than just a one night stand, third year just got a whole lot harder for Kendra.

Medium: Film

Currently in story development

The Willows

The dream location in the picturesque Lake District. The perfect renovation project for newlyweds Vincent and Meredith. With the summer stretching ahead and with Bronte, Dylan and Zoe to help, Vincent and Meredith are ready to start work on their forever home.

The Willows, a beautiful Victorian house which has stood empty since its original owners left just over a hundred years ago. Local folklore says the original family didn’t just leave, they fled but Vincent and Meredith know none of this as they and their friends begin to settle in.

However it isn’t long before the house begins to come alive once more, after a solo trip into the cellar, Bronte begins acting strangely. As her behaviour becomes more and more bizarre the others become increasingly concerned, believing Bronte is going through some sort of mental breakdown.

It is then that Bronte begins referring to herself as Isabella, a girl who died in the grounds of the house, upon investigation, they find out Isabella was part of the house’s original family. The deaths of her and her mother in the waters of the lake were the reason the family left in such a hurry. However deeper searching and questioning of locals reveals something far, far sinister than they could have ever imagined.

With demonic possession and exorcisms being linked to the house, the group seek out the help of a medium and a parapsychologist. Just as they think they are finally helping Bronte, they discover the horrifying truth, she isn’t being possessed by the spirit of a little girl, she is being possessed by the thing that drove that little girl’s mother to suicide. A thing which has laid in wait in the depths of the house for over a hundred years. As this world and the next crash into each other, the battle for Bronte’s soul begins, but is it too late to save her?

Medium: TV (three to four, one hour long episodes)

Currently in episode development 

I hope you enjoyed having a little delve into where my mind is currently at!


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